2011 American Red Cross Presidential Award for Excellence

The prestigious Annual American Red Cross National Award Ceremony recognizes outstanding employee and volunteer performance, honoring those who have inspired all members of the Red Cross family to dig deeply to help those in need. The American Red Cross consists of over 1.3 million volunteers across the country, and within this organization where people typically give extraordinary effort, the Presidential Award for Excellence spotlights the best of the best. 

Presidential Award for Excellence in Biomedical Services 

American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Brian Boyle – Volunteer Spokesperson 

Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Blood Services Region Baltimore, Maryland 

Brian Boyle lost 60 percent of his blood on the scene when a truck plowed into the side of his car.  Now, in addition to competing in triathlons and marathons, Brian shares his personal story to recruit blood donors and encourage financial donations. 

Brian collaborated with Sky Horse Publishing and the American Red Cross to create a limited edition of his autobiography “Iron Heart”, including a special message to blood donors.  He personally hosted a series of 18 blood drives throughout the greater Washington D.C. area, with more than 1,100 participants and provide them with a signed copy of his book.  He also made his very first blood donation at the hospital that brought him back to life, Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, MD. 

As a world-class Ironman triathlete, Brian wears the Red Cross logo on his gear.  His participation in events often attracts significant news and media coverage where Brian also shows his support of the Red Cross. 

Brian collaborated with the rock band 311, Sony Music Entertainment, and audio and video producers to encourage others to donate blood through internet, radio and television public service announcements.  The PSAs were created at no cost have reached audiences throughout the country.  The PSAs were designed to specifically appear to younger and diverse audiences. 

As a public speaker in collaboration with the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute, Brian regularly visits audiences at medical conferences, schools and other events and always includes his advocacy of the Red Cross when sharing his message to potential supporters.

Brian’s journey of courage and determination has touched the hearts of many, and his story and the message it carries have been celebrated around the world.  We thank Brian for including the American Red Cross in that message.

Presidential Award for Excellence


A short video of Brian’s story and his volunteer work with the American Red Cross.


Running With Troy at the American Red Cross Red Run 5K

Brian and Troy before the Red Cross Red Run 5K in Frederick, MD


American Red Cross, 11/8/11

This past weekend, two local blood recipients competed together, representing the Red Cross GC&P Region in the Red Run 5K in Frederick, MD, to help encourage people to support the Red Cross and donate blood.

Two young men, with different backgrounds and different challenges in life. Both were told at one point in their lives that they would never walk or talk. Both have spent months in various hospitals, rehab centers and have underwent physical, occupational and speech therapies. Blood donations helped to save one’s life, and give the other a chance to have one.

Brian Boyle is quickly becoming well known across the country for his inspirational comeback story against all odds, after he recovered from a violent car crash that almost took his life. This 25-year old lost 60% of his blood at the scene of his accident and received 36 Red Cross blood transfusions. He triumphed to not only fully recover but also conquer his biggest goal in life – the ‘Kona’ Ironman Triathlon World Championship. He has since devoted his life to raising awareness for blood donations and encouraging others to donate.

Troy Baisey is a 17-year old high school student with Cerebral Palsy and many disabilities. As a severely premature infant, he received Red Cross blood and platelet transfusions in his first month of life during many heart and other surgeries. He spent most of his younger years in hospitals, with leg braces and wheelchairs but now competes in the Special Olympics. He volunteers to help with his school and church blood drives and tells everyone he meets that they should donate blood to help other people. Until today, he had never run, jogged or walked a distance further than 40 meters. Inspired by his favorite hero and fellow blood recipient, Brian Boyle, he challenged himself to run a 5K race.

Brian and Troy running to the finish line.

You may run for a medal or to place, but for Troy Baisey the last steps through the 5K finish line with Brian meant so much more.

Everyone has their ‘Kona’.

Please enjoy this short WHAG news segment of Brian Boyle and Troy Baisey.