2010 American Red Cross Spokesperson of the Year Award

2010 American Red Cross Annual Meeting

“In 2004, Brian Boyle was the victim of a horrible car crash that caused catastrophic injuries and 60% blood loss.  He required over thirty-six blood transfusions, thirteen plasma treatments, numerous surgeries, and several months of hospitalization to bring him back to life. 

A long time spokesperson for the American Red Cross, and two time winner of this award, Brian raised the bar last winter after the publication of his book, Iron Heart. Knowing holidays can be one of the most difficult times to collect blood, Brian offered to help by hosting a series of Iron Heart blood drives, named after his autobiography.  Participants at these special blood drives received a copy of Brian’s book and many also had the opportunity to meet with him following their donation.  These sixteen blood drives, held in December and January during  one of the area’s heaviest series of snowstorms in history, collected 1,116 productive units of blood, including nearly fifty percent type O donations and twenty-five percent first time donors.

Boyle says, “By giving just a little bit of their time, the blood donors gave somebody like me a lifetime.  This is the power of donating blood, you’re not just giving blood, you’re giving life and there is no greater gift than that.”

Brian’s dedication to the mission of the Red Cross reminds the community of how one’s life can be touched by the act of donating blood.

Brian Boyle is our 2010 Spokesperson of the Year for the American Red Cross.”