2010 Annual Meeting for the Maryland Hospital Association

On June 4, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the Maryland Hospital Association’s Annual Meeting in Baltimore.  

The MHA is the advocate for Maryland’s hospitals, health systems, communities, and patients before legislative and regulatory bodies.  MHA’s membership is comprised of community and teaching hospitals, health systems, specialty hospitals, veterans hospitals, and long-term care facilities.  

During my recovery, I spent a lot of time being treated in many of the hospitals throughout Maryland, and during the past two years I have also traveled to many of other in-state hospitals to host blood drives with the American Red Cross. 

I was not only able to tell my story, but I was able to represent the many patients who pass through the hospitals throughout the state each year.  It was a great feeling to have the chance to speak to and thank the audience that included the senior leaders of Maryland’s hospitals and health systems, including CEOs, COOs, CFOs, chief patient care officers, medical affairs executives, as well as hospital board members.

It was extremely rewarding to have this opportunity because I was able to show my appreciation for the work that these hospitals and their many employees do on a daily basis.  The theme of this year’s meeting consisted of “The New Normal”. 

 America is just emerging from a series of shocks–from a shock to our economic stability to a shock in our trust of traditional institutions.  “The New Normal” is about exploring where we go from here.  There is no going back to the old way of doing things.  Everything is changing … where is the economy, both Maryland’s and the nation’s headed, and how will it affect you?  Where is health care headed, in the wake of reform?  And more importantly, what does it all mean for you, your community, and your hospital?