Richmond Marathon Race Recap

This past saturday, November 14, I ran in the Suntrust Richmond marathon, which was my fourth marathon in a little over four weeks.  It was a great race and I was so happy and surprised to set a personal best by dropping four minutes off my fastest marathon time.

With all the experience that I have been gaining in these marathons, I decided to change the race strategy a little bit for Richmond.  I usually get caught up with all the excitement in the first few miles of the race and burn out near the end where my legs refuse to fire anymore. But, this past weekend I ran the first twenty miles at a conservative pace, focusing on a steady and patient rhythm. By mile 23, where I usually have the most difficulty, I began to use the energy that I had been saving up and the last mile of the race was the fastest split of the marathon.

With minimal recovery and limited tapering, I have set my sights on the Philadelphia marathon this upcoming weekend as the last marathon of the 2009 season. I know it may seem a little bizarre to run five marathons back to back, but its all about living life to the fullest.  I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to run in all these big races and the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had are extraordinary.  

My marathon goal for 2009 has been to run a sub-4 hour marathon, and this weekend in Philadelphia, I hope to accomplish this goal. 

Oct. 10 – Baltimore Marathon (4:08)
Oct. 25 – Marine Corps Marathon (4:33)
Nov. 1 – New York City Marathon (4:11)
Nov. 14 – Richmond Marathon (4:04) 

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and an even bigger thank you for  your incredible and encouraging messages! Your support truly means so much to me.

Brian Boyle on NBC 12 News of Richmond