2009 New York City Marathon

nycbbThis past weekend, Nov. 1, I ran in the NYC marathon along with 40,000+ other runners and it was definitely the most action-packed marathon of them all this year (all the marathons that I have done have been incredible, but the NYC marathon is on a different level in terms of the crowds of spectators).

It was my third marathon in the past month and I was a little worried about it because I was imagining that my time was going to be pretty rough due to the limited amount of recovery from the previous races, but as soon as I crossed the starting line, the adrenaline was soaring. The cheering of the crowds on every street in every borough was so intense.  The first twenty miles of the race seemed to go by so quick because of the support from the crowd, and I was so happy that I wasn’t having any cramps or any leg problems. At mile 22 I had the fortunate opportunity to meet up with Deena Kastor (took bronze in the 2004 Olympics for the marathon).  She was doing live interviews throughout the race for NBC and when I reached mile 22 I was able to do a quick interview with her, which was awesome because it kept my mind off the pain that was rapdily beginning to surface; a normal occurence at this point in the marathon for me.  The last two miles in Central Park were really tough and all the energy that I had used already in the race finally caught up to me and forced me to alternate between walking and jogging – moving forward, no matter how slow, is what mattered most to me 🙂  I knew Central Park was going to be difficult because I had already ran the course back in July in the NYC triathlon, but again with the support of the crowd and cheering spectators, I was able to get moving again and ran to the finish line four minutes away from setting a personal best. It was a great day, New York was a blast, and ultimately, the NYC marathon will be a memory that I will always cherish.

Next up on the race list – the Richmond marathon in two weeks!

Brian Boyle on Comcast’s “Washington Post Live”