Marine Corps Marathon Race Recap

boylemcm3aThis past Sunday, Oct. 25, I took part in the Marine Corps marathon along with over 20,000+ runners.  It was an incredible race, the weather was ideal and the course was setup perfectly with so many great spectators and helpful volunteers lining the streets.  As fun as it was, I was definitely feeling a little sore from the Baltimore marathon two weeks before, but I kept moving forward as best as I could while occasionally getting flashbacks (from Kona in 07) of just wanting to walk after every water station near the end of the race. I crossed the finish line a little bit later than I expected, but again, my first priority is always just to finish and cross the finish line with a smile 🙂

Every marathon and triathlon has a special meaning to me, and I ran the Marine Corp in memory of my grandfather who was a marine who fought in WW2 and I also ran to honor all the young soldiers and war vets that I met throughout my many sessions of physical therapy that took place in and out of the hospital. I’ll never forget the people I met during my recovery – they are my inspiration to never give up and are with me during every step of every mile.

Next up – New York City marathon this weekend!

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