2009 Nation’s Triathlon In Washington D.C.

nationtriathlonphotoThis past sunday I competed in the Nation’s triathlon in Washington D.C. along with 4,500 other competitors from 855 cities, 46 states and 7 countries. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to compete in this race, even with Louisville being only two weeks ago, so I looked at this race as more for recovery and enjoyment and this race certainly consisted very much of both.

The swim started off a little sluggish, as I expected it would, but on the way back from the Memorial Bridge I was able to pick up the pace a little bit.  The bike split was about the same as it was when I competed in the Dextro race back in June, which I was happy about. But the run was a different story. It was after the first mile of the run where I started to understand why I always hear triathletes say that it’s a good idea to spend a few weeks recovering from an Ironman triathlon.  With Ironman Louisville just taking place, the minimal recovery really showed up in full force and with a vengeance too.  The mind was willing but the body just wasn’t able to fire, but surprisingly I was somehow able to gather up the strength needed to place 10th in my age group of 108 guys, which completely caught me by surprise and made my day.

Overall it was a blast to compete so close to home in the nation’s capital and the people I met before, during and after the race were extraordinary. I love the triathlon community!

Congratulations to everyone who competed on Sunday!