NYC Triathlon Race Recap

nycbb The NYC triathlon that took place this past Sunday was a lot of fun.  The weather during the race was perfect (before the race there were scattered rain and thunderstorms that delayed the start of the race by 25 minutes), the sights were amazing, and the triathlon was really exciting.  I couldn’t believe how many people there were competing in the race, over 3400 in the nonprofessional division.  My age group had 97 guys in it and we were the final wave (wave 32) to go in so things got pretty aggressive in the swim.  We hurried to line ourselves up in the Hudson before the current pulled us away – when the horn went off, the water was churning.  With help from the current I was able to set a PR of seven minutes since my last race, which was a good feeling.  We hurried out of the water and started making our way to the transition area which was a fair distance away.  After getting on the bike, things went into overdrive as they usually do in this segment of the race.  I was sweating bullets for the first few miles because I was hoping my bike was going to hold up because it suffered some minor damage during shipping. The rear derailleur was bent to the point where the chain wouldn’t even turn, the frame was slightly pushed in and the brakes were locking up on me.  I did everything I could before the race to get everything checked out and fixed, but in a race, you never know what is going to happen so I had my fingers crossed.  After the first ten miles on the bike course, my confidence started to improve and I started to put the hammer down as best as I could.  There were a few rolling hills out on Manhattan’s West Side highway, but for the most part, the course was pretty flat and very scenic and there were even a few moments in the race where I found myself getting distracted by all the surroundings and landmarks. As soon as we made it back to the transition, the run was already plenty underway.  I’ve been really working hard this year on improving the running endurance and cadence, and in this race I could really see how training has been paying off.  I felt really good on the first mile of the run as we made our way to Central Park, the cheers from the crowd were out of this world and I kept thinking to myself as I was out there that this must be what the New York City marathon is like, I couldn’t believe how much energy was in the air.  And this energy was something I was soaking in because before I knew it, I was slowly making my way up and down the hilly areas of Central Park.  I do most of my training on hills like this at home so I felt like I was efficiently prepared for this.  It was such an experience and overall adrenaline rush to make it to the finish line, and when I looked at the race results I was very excited to see that out of the 97 guys in my group, I had made the top ten.  This is definitely a race that I will look back on in the future and smile.  What a day!

Thank you so much for reading and for your support and Congratulations to all of the 3,400 age group athletes that competed on Sunday.